DIY Furniture Design


When wanting to change your room, and getting frustrated because every furniture you like seem so expensive and out of your budget then don’t fret. You can always make your own change by doing it yourself, without buying expensive things. It’s a fun project and challenge for yourself. The first step for an instant make over is to get yourself enough paint to change the color of your room. This might be the toughest challenge but once you’ve chosen the color you want in your room, get your friends over, buy pizza and beer and start painting! Once done, give yourself some days to air out the room so the smell doesn’t bother you, then continue with the project. Next step is renewing old furniture by sand, prime and paint. This can be an old coffee table, old desk, night stand or dresser. Make sure that the color of the furniture will compliment the color of your new walls. A piece of old chair can be transformed too by painting it new, preferably the same color of your remodeled coffee table and changing the fabric of the chair into a fun one! For design tips, look online as there are a number of websites that offers great tips!

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