Coolest Furniture Ever


People come up with the craziest ideas sometimes, and sometimes these crazy ideas turn into something functional and cool. There is  a website called that has a wide variety of super cool furniture. From chairs to bed, there are so many things to choose form! Here are our top pics:

1. Blandito – Giant Pillow/Mattress Burrito. “transformable pad for lazy living.” it is a mattress that you can use as a wraparound but can be folded and rolled to different funtions.

2. The Man Table – the furniture looks like a regular table made of expensive looking wood but once you open the drawers you’ll find that it also functions as a mini-fridge! Pefect for men so they can store beers inside!

3. Doc Space saving system – Ready? It’s a sofa bed that can turn into a bunk bed! Like sofabeds aren’t awesome enough!

4. La Boite LD120 Laptop desk-  high-quality sound system built into a functional laptop work desk.

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