Weddings, Moving In, and Remodeling

Carrying your bride when entering your new home may be one of the oldest wedding traditions, but is guaranteed to be one that you can look back to as being the most fun and exciting moments in your life together.

The problem with this though is that many couples these days do not find it as exciting since they won’t be moving in a new home. Instead one of them will be just be moving in to the other’s place, or worse staying in the place where they already live together.

If you want to add a little excitement and freshness to the start of your marriage, a good idea would be to remodel the place so that it feels like new. It is also important that you do this so that the place becomes both your place, reflecting both of your personalities and preferences. However, if the budget is tight due to the wedding, make sure you stay on the budget and that you still prioritize the bride’s needs on her big day. Instead of opting to retile your kitchen be sure to splurge on the bride’s beauty rituals and the dress so that she’ll feel magical on her wedding day.

Image via Esther Gibbons

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